The Origin of “The Dracula Dance”!!!

Muah ha ha ha haaaaaa!!!! One of my most favorite Dorky Dance Fitness routines is “The Dracula Dance”…where we all become Draculas (yes, I know I’m choosing to call them Draculas instead of Vampires!). It begins with transforming into an immortal, growing out our fangs and donning our imaginary vampire capes! I mean DRACULA capes! Then moving on through the life and dance of a Dracula…tossing back the garlic that the mortals are throwing a us and dipping our Dracula toes into a swimming pool. How did this ever become a dorky dance fitness routine?? Well, it all started with the Bellingham Circus Guild Halloween Show and a comedy partner acrobatic routine with my acrobatic partner Chipps Allard. We decided for our routine, we would be monsters unwinding at the end of a days work. What do monsters like to do at the end of a long day? Go out to the CLUB!! See if you can spot the dance moves in this routine as “Kim the Dracula” and “Kevin the Wolf” tear up the dance floor!

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